High Profile Data Breaches

Recent high profile data breaches have leaked email addresses and passwords.

Recent cyber security breaches have led to numerous high-profile data breaches, compromising email addresses and passwords. This exposure poses serious security risks, as cyber criminals can use the stolen data for social engineering attacks.

Has Your Password Been Stolen? 🔐

Websites like haveibeenpwned.com can help you check if your information has been leaked and keep you informed about recent breaches.

Follow these guidelines to strengthen your password security:

1. Length: Use at least 12 characters.
2. Variety: Use a mix of numbers, symbols, and both uppercase and lowercase letters.
3. Avoid Personal Info: Don’t use names, birthdays, or email addresses. Opt for three random words instead.
4. Unique Passwords: Never reuse passwords, especially for sensitive accounts like your bank.
5. Password Manager: Use a password manager to store and manage your passwords.

Strong Password Example: AppleSeatD00R%!
Weak Password Example: DavidDavies1979

Act now – don’t wait until you’re a victim to change your passwords. Stay safe!

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