Cyber Guidance for Organisations

Protecting your organisation from cyber related risks can seem daunting but there are simple steps you can take to ensure you have the basics in place.

Cyber is often considered to be an issue for an IT department since it is often associated with a need for technical knowledge. However, the input from an IT department or service provider is just one aspect of a good cyber security plan.

It can help to think of cyber security as the technical element – reducing risk by ensuring that devices and networks are protected from theft or damage. Cyber resilience, however, is taking an organisation-wide approach that combines cyber security with business continuity, thus enabling organisations to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber-attacks and breaches.

Cyber resilience, therefore, needs to be led from the top down. And having a cohesive cyber security and cyber resilience plan is essential for organisations of all sizes, from micro through to large.

Key statistics from the third quarter of 2022:

Reports of Cyber Crime in the Tarian Region
Newly identified Ransomware variants
£ 0 k
Reported losses
Is the average number of malicious emails received by employees

Taking the first steps to protect your organisation

What we can do to help

At Tarian we understand how overwhelming the world of cyber can seem, especially if you are a smaller organisation. However, cyber protection doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. We offer the following services to help improve your cyber security and resilience:

Presentations / Awareness Sessions

By request we can facilitate and present on the latest threats and guidance for organisations, with local and national sector-relevant examples to strengthen learning objectives.

Post-incident Site Visits

Following a cyber-incident our team can work with your organisation to identify technical and procedural remedies to mitigate further attacks, and offer tools and guidance to help.

Table-top Games

Short games for both senior leaders and employees to teach the basics of cyber security and resilience that we can facilitate.

How our partners can help

Police Cyber Alarm

Police CyberAlarm is designed to work alongside your current network security devices to analyse suspicious data that is being sent to your systems by sources on the internet. Becoming a Police CyberAlarm member allows you to receive regular reports on suspicious activity, so you can take action to reduce identified vulnerabilities.

Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales

The Welsh Cyber Resilience Centre is one of a national roll-out of CRC’s which began in 2019. It offers organisations and businesses an affordable way to access cyber security services and membership packages that vary to accommodate different requirements and sizes. The CRC’s offerings have been designed to help organisations identify their vulnerabilities, assess their current plans and policies, and work with employees to build overall cyber awareness. The CRC offers a free core membership to get you started on your cyber resilience journey.

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